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Hello, I am so glad you are here!


I’m Kate C. Wilde - I’ve been connecting parents to their autistic children and adults in deep and meaningful ways for over 30 years, and I love it as much as the day I began.

Nine years ago I was a wanna-be Argentine Tango dancer. But to say that my Tango moves were “bad” would be generous. Today, my dance teacher calls me her miracle student. For years, I made no progress, and then, with her guidance, something clicked. Almost overnight, I could dance.
I share this story because that is exactly what happens with the families that I work with.  They might have felt stuck or unclear about what to do to help their child, and when we start to work together something clicks, and they go from stumbling around in the dark to having clarity, confidence and a direction to significantly help their child. 
Take Aisha’s parents.  When we first met, their daughter was three years old and not yet verbal.  She was delightful, energetic, and feisty. She wore a helmet because she would severely bang her head on a daily basis, and was half bald because she would scream while literally pulling out her own hair.
Today, Aisha is a chatty college graduate full of inspiration with a long-time boyfriend and many friends.  
Aisha lives the dream that every parent has for their autistic child. She is a happy vibrant member of her community, engaged in meaningful relationships that bring her great joy.
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I will empower you with the same loving attitude and effective techniques that I helped Aisha’s parents master… So you too can make a real tangible difference in the life of your child.

Over the past three decades, I have witnessed over and over again how parents like you are faced with a profound lack of understanding. I have seen what it looks like when this dynamic yields well-intentioned advice that adds work to your table rather than connection with your child.
But I’ve been here in the trenches with you. I know what it is to devote yourself with your whole heart and soul to a child with autism. I was intimately involved with every part of my God-child’s five-year home-based program, and I have logged over 20,000 hours working one-on-one with well over 1,500 children and adults on the spectrum.
After seeing so many families, therapists, and schools/centers having such a hard time with children and adults struggling with meltdowns, extreme and explosive behaviors, and high anxiety, it really hit me how little help there was for these kinds of challenges and crises. Moreover, what little help there is usually approaches the issue from a deeply misguided place. That is why I, along with my longtime colleague and friend Raun K. Kaufman, developed the ACT (Autism Crisis Turnaround) protocol. Having pioneered the concept of Neuro-Crashes, the ACT protocol solves crises by addressing the underlying causes instead of trying to stamp out the symptoms (which only makes things worse).


The vast amount of work I’ve done with families around the world has given me the resources and experiences to handle anything autism is throwing your way.
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Here’s are three myths I come across a lot in the Autism Community:



Autism Myth 1:


We need to get our child to behave like us - you’ve tried that, it’s exhausting and doesn’t lead to great results.

What Actually Works: Trying to stop behavior is the shortcut to more battles and frustration. Profound change and growth comes from us joining our children in their world first. I will show you how.



Autism Myth 2:


Parents need to give every ounce of energy to their child if they want to see progress.

What Actually Works: It is essential that you have the tools and space to tend to your emotional well-being.  I’ll show you doable ways to make sure you are taken care of, too.  I care for and help the whole family – as autism effects everyone, not just your child.



Autism Myth 3:


The way to teach children with autism is to get them to do a task over and over again until they show mastery.

What actually Works: The key is not repetition; it is motivation. A sure-fire way to stamp out your child’s interest in learning and growing is to make them do something they don’t want to do over and over again. Instead, I will show you how to tap into the motivations and interests your child has to stoke within them a delight in learning and interaction - and a mastery of specific skills.

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