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2023 Group Programs with Kate

October 3rd

Most relationships (let alone marriages) don’t survive, according to the stats. And even less thrive, right?

If you want to make sure yours does thrive, and you want to keep it super simple, non-time-consuming, and therapy-free for now, this is the mini-workshop for you.

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October 25th

Unfortunately, most people find it difficult to help their loved ones with verbal communication – particularly without pushing, pressuring, and other avenues that create discord and are not pleasant for our children/adults.

There is a reason for this: The most basic aspects of our approach to language are off base because they don’t truly take the central elements of autism – and the internal experience of people on the spectrum – into consideration.

This doesn’t mean that you have to abandon what you’re doing. But it does mean that there are some crucial ingredients that we absolutely have to add.

Autism: 5 Things You MUST Do For Language Development is a two-hour mini-workshop that takes you through these missing elements.

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October 20th and 21st, 2023

The ACT (Autism Crisis Turnaround) protocol is a live, super-engaging online course that can immediately address Neuro-Crashes, meltdowns, extreme or explosive behavior, high anxiety, and other supposedly intractable challenges. Most important, it approaches these issues (and autism in general) from the inside instead of coming at them from the outside. It begins with a deep understanding of and respect for children and adults on the spectrum and solves the causes of crises rather than chasing the symptoms (which actually makes things worse).

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You need help right now. You want to get some immediate techniques to start to turn this thing around. You don’t have to wait. The Autism Crisis Lifeline is a pre-recorded mini-course that you can complete today (or finish at your own pace). The Autism Crisis Lifeline instant mini-course consists of prerecorded lectures, informational slides, and worksheets to fill out between the lectures.

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