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2022 Group Programs with Kate

October 1st & 2nd

The ACT (Autism Crisis Turnaround) protocol is a live, super-engaging online course that can immediately address Neuro-Crashes, meltdowns, extreme or explosive behavior, high anxiety, and other supposedly intractable challenges. Most important, it approaches these issues (and autism in general) from the inside instead of coming at them from the outside. It begins with a deep understanding of and respect for children and adults on the spectrum and solves the causes of crises rather than chasing the symptoms (which actually makes things worse).

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You need help right now. You want to get some immediate techniques to start to turn this thing around. You don’t have to wait. The Autism Crisis Lifeline is a pre-recorded mini-course that you can complete today (or finish at your own pace). The Autism Crisis Lifeline instant mini-course consists of prerecorded lectures, informational slides, and worksheets to fill out between the lectures.

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Live Autism Mini-Workshops

If you want incredibly digestible, uniquely useful help with your loved one(s) on the spectrum that is SUPER accessible in price and time, you've come to the right place!

Our Live Autism Mini-Workshops (offered in September, October, and November) consist of 90 minutes of concentrated, subject-specific content followed by 30 minutes of (optional) Q&A time. For your convenience, each mini-workshop will take place at multiple times (via Zoom) on the day it is offered. Every mini-workshop addresses a vital area that affects you and your loved one's everyday life with:

  • Crystal clear explanations
  • Highly useful, actionable handouts
  • Opportunities to begin implementation
  • A fun, fast-paced, high-energy, guaranteed-you-won't-be-bored approach

And how much do each of these mini-workshops cost? $97? Nope. $49? Nope again. The registration fee is $25.

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