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I take on a small number of private clients so that I can work closely with them. All my packages are designed to give you lots of one-to-one support over a period of time. Over the years, I have seen that this is the most effective way to help you create a way to move forward that is truly customized to your family situation, and will fit your child or adult’s:

  • Verbal Communication Ability

  •  Skill Base

  • Social Developmental Stage

  • Interests and Motivations

  • Flexibility Level


Elevate your loved one to their next stage…. and beyond.

We will also start where you are, and, by the end of the package you will be empowered with incredibly effective mindsets and strategies to continue working with your child or adult independently – So that you are not constantly tied to a professional.

Gentle Transformation Package
Professional Development
In-Home Outreaches
Gentle Transformation Package
Autism Abracadabra Package
Love Who You Are Package
Professional Development
In-Home Outreaches

Interested in a package and have questions?

Book a 20-minute session with Kate to discuss which package suits your family's situation.

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